aklara factoring

We operate an online factoring marketplace where small, medium, and large companies (sellers) meet Bidders (factors) to sell collection rights (electronic invoices) through auction processes.

Earn a return when acquiring business accounts receivable

Participate as a “Bidder” in the aklara factoring market

Generate liquidity in aklara factoring by collecting your accounts receivable in advance

Participate as a "Supplier" in our market

Help your suppliers obtain liquidity in aklara factoring

Use reverse factoring to provide liquidity to your vendors

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How are receivables discounted in aklara factoring ?

Suppliers select the invoices they want to auction and set the maximum rate at which they are willing to discount their documents. Auctions are made up of accounts receivable from the same debtor, with the same payment date and currency.


Bidders receive an invitation to the auction and participate by setting the amount and minimum discount rate at which they are willing to purchase receivables from Suppliers.


The market finds the equilibrium point between supply and demand and determines the winning Bidders in the auction based on the bid rates.


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