aklara factoring
Support your suppliers to obtain liquidity

How does reverse factoring work in aklara factoring?

Register on the platform as a Buyer.
Registration is 100% online.

During the registration process, you must upload your financial statements and other required documentation, such as your articles of incorporation and proof of tax status, among others.

Invite your suppliers to register to aklara factoring.

We will follow up with your supplier to make it easier for them to register on the platform!

Register in aklara the invoices from your suppliers that you recognize as unconditional payment obligations.

Invoices from your suppliers can be recorded either through our API or through an Excel template.

Your suppliers will then be able to select the invoices they want to discount and send them to be auctioned.

Suppliers will receive advance payment of accounts receivable that have been awarded to Bidders.

On the settlement date, you must pay the Bidders the invoice amounts that were previously awarded.

Payment is made by a single bank transfer using aklara´s payment dispersion system.

Frequent questions:

The supplier support program is at no cost to the Buyer.

aklara will provide you with the payment supplements that you must receive in accordance with the applicable tax provisions.

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