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How to collect in advance your accounts receivable in aklara factoring?

Register on the platform as a Supplier.
Registration is 100% online.

During the registration process, you must upload your financial statements and other required documentation, such as your articles of incorporation, proof of tax status, among others.

aklara performs a risk analysis to determine your score and establishes the maximum amount you will be able to auction on the platform.

aklara's risk area conducts an analysis and requests approval of the factoring limit from the Risk Committee.

Deposit the invoices you want to auction in aklara and establish the maximum discount you are willing to accept for early payment.

Suppliers choose which accounts receivable they want to discount based on their liquidity needs and determine the maximum discount they are willing to accept.

Receive the discounted value of the invoices awarded to Bidders in your bank account.

At the end of the auction, you must sign the assignment of collection rights for the invoice(s) that have been awarded to the winning Bidder or Bidders.

Frequent questions:

aklara performs a comprehensive risk analysis on Suppliers in traditional factoring and Buyers in reverse factoring before allowing them access to the platform. Such analysis encompasses a review of a) legal, b) financial, c) tax, and d) credit information.

In the event that accounts receivable are awarded, the waiting time for payment is one business day after the auction closes.

At the end of the auction, we will send you the instructions to issue your CFDI's. If you prefer, aklara offers the free CFDI issuance service.

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