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Earn a return by acquiring trade receivables

What is the process to participate as Bidder in aklara factoraje auctions?

Register on the platform as a Bidder.
Registration is 100% online.

During the registration process, you must upload documents such as official identification, proof of tax status, among others.

Once registered, select the auctions where you want to participate.

The platform will show the open auctions and present relevant information about each one. The platform will also notify of future auctions.

When you win an auction, deposit the amount that was awarded to you.

At the end of the auctions, the platform will indicate the discounted value of the accounts receivable that you must pay.

On the payment date, you receive payment from the debtor.

You will receive the face value of the accounts receivable on their expiration date. Your return is the difference between the face value and the discounted value you paid.

Frequent questions:

aklara performs a comprehensive risk analysis on Suppliers in traditional factoring and Buyers in reverse factoring before allowing them access to the platform. Such analysis encompasses a review of a) legal, b) financial, c) tax, and d) credit information.

The minimum amount is equal to the value of the invoice with the lowest value in the auction.

At the end of the auction, we will send you the instructions to issue your CFDI's. If you prefer, aklara offers the free CFDI issuance service.

When aklara publishes an auction, it provides Bidders with a dossier that contains the characteristics of the transaction, the financial information of the participants and a risk rating (aklara score). With this information, Bidders can evaluate the transaction and set their bid.

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