• Design and execution of structured auctions and competitive bidding processes.

    Since 2000, aklara has executed over 10,000 auctions, generating average savings of 12% to more than 120 clients.
  • Web-based platform that manages procurement orders and supplier relationships.

    The platform has reduced the quotation cycles by more than 20%, providing organizations with end-to-end visibility of the process.
  • Procurement services to the Mexican federal government, including the design of procurement strategies and reverse auctions.

    aklara has supported various agencies in reverse auction processes (OSD) in over 65 public tenders, generating savings of 1,500 million dollars.
  • Case Study 

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Since 2007 aklara has designed and executed more than 100 reverse auctions for the procurement of construction services, generating 9% average savings.

  • Case Study 

    Since 2004 aklara has designed and executed transparent processes to negotiate complex service contracts for several of Microsoft’s regional centers in Latin America.

  • Case Study 

    Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
    Since 2009 aklara has supported IMSS in 27 reverse auctions for the procurement of medicines and various health-related products and services, generating savings of over 400 million dollars.

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