RMM Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is issued in accordance to the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals (the "Personal Data Law").

Except as otherwise expressly provided, all capitalized terms in this Privacy Notice will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Personal Data Law.

  1. Identity and address of the Responsible Party. The Responsible Party for the Treatment of the Personal Data is Regional Market Makers de México, S. de R.L. de C.V. ("RMM"), residing at Monte Cáucaso 915, Despacho 203, Lomas de Chapultepec I Sección, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, 11000.
  2. Purposes of Personal Data Treatment. The following are the purposes for the collection of Personal Data by RMM:
    1. Regarding its employees or service providers, for the drafting and execution of agreements for each area of the company, as well as the payment derived from the labor relationship or the provision of the services.
    2. Regarding its clients, employees or officers of its clients, for the provision of services and for the collection of fees derived from them.
    3. Regarding its potential clients, in order to evaluate the possibility of providing services and to provide the corresponding quotation.
    4. Regarding its suppliers, to make the corresponding payments for the products or services provided by such suppliers.
    5. Regarding the users of RMM's auctions system or Agile system, for the provision of services related to each of these systems, pursuant to the terms established in the documents executed or accepted by the parties for the use of such systems.

    The Personal Data collected by RMM includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, financial information and fiscal data.

    If RMM collects Personal Data for a purpose different from the ones listed in this section II, RMM shall notify the Holder in order to obtain its Consent, only if required.

    RMM will obtain the express Consent of the Holders of financial Personal Data. Likewise, if RMM collects Sensitive Personal Data, RMM will obtain the Holder's express and written Consent.
  3. Options and means offered by the Responsible Party to the Holders to limit the use or disclosure of Personal Data. In connection with the disclosure of Personal Data, each person involved in the Treatment of Personal Data at RMM have signed a non disclosure agreement regarding all the information they have access to, whether concerning RMM or just held under RMM's possession. Databases containing Personal Data are located within RMM facilities. Databases in electronic support that allow remote access are under strict encryption systems, and can only be consulted by RMM staff or its service providers through usernames and passwords that must be changed periodically.

    With regards to the restriction of Personal Data use, Holders who do not wish to receive information related to RMM, may request so by following the procedure referred to in section IV.
  4. Means to exercise ARCO Rights. To exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition ("ARCO Rights"), in accordance with Personal Data Law, Holders shall file a request addressed to the Personal Data Department of RMM, to the following e-mail address [email protected] or directly to the domicile set forth in section I.
    The request of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition ("ARCO Request") shall contain and be accompanied by the following:
    1. The Holder's name, address, or any other information to contact it regarding the response to the ARCO Request.
    2. Documents that irrefutably prove the Holder's identity or, if applicable, its legal representation.
    3. An accurate description of the Personal Data subject to the exercise of ARCO Rights.
    4. Any other document that will ease the location of the Personal Data.
    5. In case of ARCO Requests regarding the rectification of Personal Data, the Holder must indicate the required rectification and provide the documentation that sustains his request.

    RMM will notify the response to the Holder within a maximum of twenty Days after receiving the ARCO Request. If the response is affirmative, the request shall be complied with within the following fifteen Days after the notice of the response to the Holder.

    The terms previously stated may be extended once and for the same period of time, when the circumstances justify the extension.
  5. Transfers of Personal Data. RMM will only carry out Personal Data Transfers between the users of its auctions system or Agile system. Such Transfer of Personal Data is exclusively to provide commercial references in order for such users to establish business relationships between them.

    If the Holder does not oppose to it, RMM will assume that Holder has consented the Transfer.

    Users of RMM's auction system and Agile system are aware of the implications of this Privacy Notice, and the purposes of the Collection of the Personal Data that is transferred to them. Prior to the use of any of the systems, users agreed to Treat the Personal Data which they have access to, pursuant to the present Privacy Notice and to the Personal Data Law..

    In all cases where RMM carries out Transfers other than those described in this section V, RMM must obtain the Holder's Consent when such Consent is required pursuant to the Personal Data Law. If applicable, RMM will notify this Privacy Notice and the purposes of the Treatment of Holder's Personal Data to the Third Parties to whom such Personal Data is transferred.

    Third Parties must treat Personal Data in accordance to this Privacy Notice, and must assume the same obligations as the ones that correspond to RMM as Responsible Party.
  6. Procedure and notice to the Holders of the changes made to the Privacy Notice. RMM may modify this Privacy Notice from time to time. Any changes made to this Privacy Notice will be published in the following website:
  7. Mechanisms to revoke Consent.If you wish to revoke your Consent regarding the Treatment of your Personal Data by RMM, you shall follow the procedure referred to in above section IV.
    The revocation of your Consent will not be retroactive. The Consent may not be revoked when: (i) the Treatment is needed to fulfill obligations that derive from a legal relationship between the Holder and the Responsible Party; (ii) the Treatment is set forth in a law; or (iii) such Treatment is exempt from Consent pursuant to the Personal Data Law.
  8. Use of cookies. In order to improve the experience of its users on the Site, RMM may use cookies. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice cookies will be identified as the text files of information that a website transfers to the computer's hard drive of users in order to store certain records and preferences.

    Normally, cookies are classified as "temporary" and "permanent". Temporary cookies are usually used only for the transmission of communication in an electronic communications network and are strictly necessary for a service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.

    Session cookies are the most common type of temporary cookies and help you navigate efficiently through our website, tracking your navigation page by page and considering the information that has been provided during the current session. Temporary cookies are stored in the browser's temporary memory and deleted when the browser closes. Use of session cookies does not require explicit consent.

    Permanent cookies, however, save user preferences for the current session and future visits and are still valid when the browser is restarted to track user behavior and facilitate personalized advertising. The use of permanent cookies requires explicit consent.

    RMM may use cookies for a better understanding of the users' interaction with the Site and the Service being provided. We inform you that our website uses propietary temporary cookies that are mainly used to allow login and navigation within the website. These session cookies are temporary and are deleted at the end of each session.

    Users can change their options through their computer and / or browser to stop accepting cookies or confirm whether or not they accept them.

    By default, most browsers allow cookies automatically, but it also offers the ability to control most of them, including whether to accept them or not and how to remove them. In the "Tools" (or similar) section of the browser you will find information on how to control cookies. In most cases you can configure the browser to notify before receiving a cookie and allow it to accept it or not. It is also possible to configure the browser to disable all cookies. However, this setting will affect both permanent and temporary cookies, and as a result, it may not be possible to use all the functions on our page.

If you are a Holder of Personal Data collected by RMM and would like more information about this Privacy Notice and the compliance policies of the Personal Data Law adopted by RMM, please send a communication addressed to the Personal Data Department of RMM, to the e-mail address indicated in section IV or to the domicile set forth in section I above.

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